what happens when water meets land

A Jar of Water, the latest book by Buzz Anderson, is a collection of poems inspired by nature and living near the sea.

Divided into three sections, the book recalls moments of cherished friendships, exhilarating hijinks, heart-stopping grief, and the power of healing love. Overarching are the reverent observations of land, sea, and sky and the people who inhabit them, while haiku poems, sprinkled throughout, mimic the repetition of waves, offering an enriching cadence to the reading.

Invited to write in youth by his beloved Aunt Dotsie, Anderson has spent a lifetime composing—stories that are poetic and poems that are stories. A Jar of Water offers readers a view of gilded mornings, a taste of salted fog, and an experience to savor: the overarching beauty of pausing in the moment.

Something happens when water meets land.

~ From “A Coastline Somewhere” by Buzz Anderson

I like poetry that is unblurred. I treasure the economy of words, the blending of sounds flowing like a musical phrase. I try to share experiences that readers can embrace.

My sincere hope is that the words sprinkled on the pages of this book are meaningful to you, the reader, and that the experiences I share increase your connection with your deepest thoughts and our beautiful world.
~ Buzz Anderson

A Jar of Water is available in paperback and Kindle editions.

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