A wedding, two birthdays, Little League, and a big launch

Busy May—a wedding, two birthdays, and a book launch! Not to mention a dozen Little League games and a garden growing tons of flowers, veggies, and weeds.
Earlier this month, our youngest son Kyle married Maggie in a sweet ceremony at a San Francisco Italian restaurant, just south of the Chase Center. A steady morning-early-afternoon rain gave way to warm sun and billowy white clouds just before the couple strolled down the sidewalk amid a mixture of claps, whistles, and cheers, emanating mostly from the thirty-something-year-olds that made up the vast majority of the hundred-plus guests.
There were a few us us oldsters, although Maggie’s young mom and dad, Cara and Guy (who performed the ceremony) fit right in with the youthful crowd. Maggie wore a beautiful white gown and Kyle actually donned a suit, (sans tie, however.) A very simple affair with no best man, no maid of honor, and no formal attendants. The show stoppers did include the two flower girls, nieces Addie and Rockie, who monopolized the adorable factor of the day.

A wedding, two birthdays, and a book launch

My speech didn’t embarrass the couple too much, and I hope I offered them some useful marital advice. Brothers Blake and FJ both gave short, heartfelt talks. Then it was time to party with great food, good music, and an open bar! By the end of the evening, most people were on the dance floor busting out some old disco moves!
Jennie and I left when the music stopped; but apparently, the party continued at a local bar up the street. I think FJ got back to the hotel around 3:00 AM. A picnic in Golden Gate Park the next day capped off the festivities.
We are so lucky to have such wonderful daughters-in-law, Ali, Annette, and now Maggie. Jennie and I hit the jackpot—three cherries in a row!

A wedding, two birthdays, and a book launch

Jennie’s birthday coincided with the launch of my poetry book, A Jar Of Water.

Neither event was a big splash.

I sold a few copies and we went to Bracken’s playoff game. A back rub was my only birthday gift to Jennie, as she eschews presents, especially when she is the honored recipient. She seems most happy when working in the garden and spoiling (but not too much) the grandkids.

I have no plans for my upcoming birthday. I’ve had three surprise birthday celebrations in my life and I’m not anticipating one this year. I am expecting a card from my sister and greetings from AARP, my dentist, a couple of ambitious real estate agents, my optometrist, and Lydia, my State Farm agent—oh, and maybe one from my Medicare Supplement group.

Nice to know I’m so endeared.

I do plan on throwing a party later in the summer, complete with music, a taco truck, and a bartender to honor myself and all my friends who are reaching a birthday milestone this year!

Well, I should get going on something productive today.

I think I’ll pull a few weeds and do some watering, then ride my bike down to Bookshop Santa Cruz and offer them some copies of my book.

Perhaps a nap will be on the docket as well.

Anderson family photos by Jennie Anderson. Copyright 2024. All rights reserved.
Birthday cake image by Nicole McCarthy, NM Design & Co. Copyright 2023. All rights reserved.
A Jar of Water book cover copyright by Buzz Anderson. All rights reserved.

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