Buzz Anderson grew up in the Monterey Bay area where, surrounded by family and lifelong friends, he and his wife Jennie still live. When he isn’t writing, Buzz enjoys reading, gardening, biking, paddleboarding, and playing golf.

His first book, Five Hundred Moons, a historical novel, was published in 2021. His second book, A Jar of WaterNew and Selected Poems, was published in May 2024.

A Jar of Water and Five Hundred Moons are available in paperback and Kindle editions.

Buzz Anderson’s latest books

 Anderson’s depth of research, paired with a natural proclivity for vivid descriptive detail, yielded a work of historical fiction,
in 39 chapters,
that’s hard to put down.

Monterey Herald

The Latest Books by Author Buzz Anderson

Something happens when water meets land.

A Jar of Water, the latest book by Buzz Anderson, is a collection of poems inspired by nature and living near the sea.

Invited to write in youth by his beloved Aunt Dotsie, Anderson has spent a lifetime composing—stories that are poetic and poems that are stories. A Jar of Water offers readers a view of gilded mornings, a taste of salted fog, and an experience to savor: the overarching beauty of pausing in the moment.

Find A Jar of Water here!

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The Latest Books by Author Buzz Anderson

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