Fascinated since childhood by stories of the people who lived in and settled along the coastal regions of central California, Buzz Anderson often hiked the old-growth redwood loop near Felton. Surrounded by towering ancient trees, he felt the presence of its former inhabitants, imagined hearing their songs, and visualized their villages spread out in the filtered light. When he retired, Anderson set out to write a story about them. Dedicating three years to writing, he produced Five Hundred Moons.

Buzz Anderson grew up in the Monterey Bay area, where he and his wife, Jennie, still reside, surrounded by family and lifelong friends. When he isn’t writing, Buzz enjoys a little golf, stand-up paddleboarding, gardening, reading, biking, and walking.

Anderson’s recently released second book, A Jar of Water – New and Selected Poems, is available in paperback and Kindle editions.

He is available for book signings and readings and enjoys hearing from readers.

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Five Hundred Moons is available in paperback and Kindle edition

Five Hundred Moons is an 814-page saga of passion and sorrow, violence and spirituality, blossoming hope, and the search for timeless balance.
Ultimately, it is a story of the resilience
of love and the human spirit.

Edward C. Larson, author
Spear-Carrier in a Backwater War
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